iPhone 6s Battery Replacement Services in Gurgaon

ARC (Apple Repair Center) does iPhone 6s in store battery replacement or also at your doorstep, in 30-60 mins. Replacement is done by trained technicians, and comes with 6 Months warranty. Make your iPhone Working again.

we use only original spare parts

You are dependent on your iPhone 6s to keep you connected to your Office work, friends & family. There is nothing more frustrating than when your Apple iPhone 6s is not functioning as you need it to, and count on. Batteries can deteriorate over time and stop charging completely or not lasting as long as you are used to. Not totally surprising given what you put your iPhone 6s through on a daily basis. If you are experiencing battery issues and seem to need an iPhone 6s battery replacement, ARC can get you hooked up and turned around in a flash.

Bring your iPhone 6s battery replacement to our stire. We provide professional, high-quality service on all iPhone 6s battery replacements.

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